• Any title company can handle a "cookie cutter" purchase or refinance closing, however, it takes a skilled title professional, coupled with an attorney experienced in BOTH transactional work and real estate litigation, to address and successfully resolve the complex title issues which often arise in the course of a transaction. It is in these situations where Dulaney Title and Escrow excels in providing valuable services to its clients. Likewise, many properties with seemingly 'unfixable' title problems can present tremendous opportunities to investors who select the right title company to address and successfully resolve the title problems.

  • Dulaney Title & Escrow serves as a Professional Residential and Commercial Title Service. At our Title company, we take pride in delivering professional and unequalled service for every real estate transaction we process.

    Whether you need a residential real estate settlement, a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) consultation, or a commercial settlement, Dulaney Title has the expertise to see your transaction through to closing.


    Our Title company serves the entire Baltimore metropolitan area and surrounding counties, as well as all of Southern Maryland, including Charles, St. Mary’s, Calvert, and Prince George’s County.

“If your current title company doesn’t understand that ‘time is money,’ it is definitely time for you to give DTE a call and experience the Dulaney Difference.”


The Dulaney Difference in residential transactions and re-finances.

Integrity Before Profits ... at DTE, was does that mean:

  • DTE earns its business and referrals through the provision of superior service and education to those realtors and brokers who have demonstrated the attributes of integrity, honesty and experience within their market.
  • DTE strives to add value to the transactions it performs by NOT automatically selling 'enhanced coverage' title insurance when the same is not appropriate or requested, simply to earn higher revenue.
  • DTE will offer a 'reissue' title insurance rate when appropriate.
  • DTE will always look for ways to save the buyer money without compromising the quality of our service or integrity of the titles we examine and insure.
  • DTE will always truthfully respond to requests for information and status updates.

  • The Dulaney Difference was recognized by our underwriter, Fidelity National Title Group (FTNG) with an Excellence in Action award for 2018.

    In the World of Investment Real Estate, Time Is Literally Money …

    DTE is one of the top title companies in the Baltimore region for performing complex, often privately funded, investor real estate closings. In the world of investment real estate, time is money. The faster an investor can acquire, renovate, and resell an asset, the more profit that is realized. It is just that simple. Because the title agents in our investment real estate closing group are also current, or former, real estate investors, they understand the necessity of fast, accurate closings and strive to meet your goals and earn your repeat business. If your current title company doesn’t understand that ‘time is money,’ it is definitely time for you to give DTE a call and experience the Dulaney Difference.

    In the World of Commercial Income Producing Real Estate, Timing Is Everything …

    Since the core business of the Goddard Companies is the acquisition and management of income producing real estate, it understands the nuances in conducting closings on income producing commercial real estate which can literally make, or cost, a buyer thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in profit. For example, closings on income producing real estate should always occur on the final day of the month – that way the new owner will enjoy the benefit of a full month’s rental income with no corresponding debt service.
    In addition, DTE has experience in handling security deposit transfers, pro-ration of pre-paid vendor service contracts, omnibus assignments of commercial leases, and tenant transition letters.

    There are many differences between title agencies, and our Title company promises to meet your real estate settlement needs.



    Drew Miller is the General Manager of Dulaney Title & Escrow (DTE). Beginning his career as a real estate investor sixteen years ago, Drew has worked with DTE for six years. His vast knowledge of real estate allows him to expertly facilitate deals and relationships with investors and developers. He offers assistance and support truly from start to finish—from creatively putting a deal together, efficiently working through the buying process, and then smoothly handling the final settlement. Born and raised in Baltimore, Drew’s knowledge of local properties, processes, and professionals offers an advantage to local Baltimore city and Baltimore County clients.
    When he gets a chance to relax, Drew likes to spend time outdoors and with his family.
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    Mike Vaira is the Director of Operations at Dulaney Title & Escrow (DTE). Working with Wayne Goddard since 2005, Mike originally had thoughts of going to law school after graduating Towson University and interned at the Goddard law firm. However, his innate interest in real estate shifted him to DTE where he focuses on meeting his impressive company and self-imposed goals. His quest for perfection serves him well in all title company responsibilities; meeting the many needs of local and regional homebuyers, investors, developers, and real estate professionals. A licensed settlement agent, Mike is focused on accurate, experienced, and smooth title and closing services.
    Born and raised in Southern Maryland, Mike enjoys spending any free time with his family, wife, and children.
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    Paula Pizza is the Director of Marketing and Business Development at Dulaney Title & Escrow since November 2018. Paula has been a licensed settlement officer since 2002. Through her strong relationships and contacts in the real estate industry she has helped new companies develop their business and flourish. She is very passionate about educating realtors and supporting them by superior customer service. She believes that communication with all parties are key to the transaction.
    She still enjoys the excitement of working with first time homebuyers. Paula was born, raised and still Resides in Baltimore's Little Italy.
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